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Arkansas Ouachita District

Shutdown Showdown #COW-VID19

Entry Deadline May 15, 2020

Deadline to Post Facebook Live May 22, 2020

For 4-H / FFA Cattle Exhibitors In The Following Counties: Bradley, Calhoun, Clark, Cleveland, Columbia, Dallas, Garland, Grant, Hempstead, Hot Spring, Howard, Lafayette, Little River, Miller, Montgomery, Nevada, Ouachita, Perry, Pike, Polk, Pulaski, Saline, Scott, Sevier, Union

How Does It Work?

Showing cattle in your backyard. Proper show ring attire. Enter and pay for classes online. Have FUN!

Fees: $5 per head  |    100% Payback  |  4-H / FFA Member Arkansas Ouachita District  |   Under 19 Years Old


Before you Show and Record Your Cattle


1. We suggest your camera operator get a few tests runs by practice videoing several times.


2. You must have or register for a Facebook account to record live. Entry Deadline May 15, 2020


3. Click here Shutdown Showdown #COW-VID19 then click on "Join Group". Deadline to Post Facebook Live May 22, 2020

4. $5 per head entry fee - enter as many time as you like - must be paid at time of entry one week before back yard show.

5. Back yard Set-up:  Look at video demonstration.

How It Works Video


Competition will be in your back yard. Watch camera operator distance to exhibitor  - record SIDE, FRONT, REAR, turn and walk, views. Turn cellphone / camera horizontally before going LIVE. Your video length will be close to one minute.


  • Make sure you have cell service or WiFi (you can use a hotspot from someone else's phone if that helps).

  • Top of the live feed needs to say Public.

  • To go live in a Facebook group:

    • From your News Feed, click Your Groups in the menu and select the group "Shutdown Showdown # COW-VID19" - you should be on Shutdown Showdown # COW-VID19 Group page

    • You should see your Facebook page "Write something..."

      • Enter: FFA /4-H name, Breed and Date of Birth for cattle, if bred how many months, Commercial Heifers and Steers will put hip height, Brahma Influenced OR  Non-Braham Influenced.

    • Click Live Video at the top of the group.

  • Before recording

    • Turn cellphone / camera horizontally as demonstrated in the Shutdown Showdown #COW-VID19 Demo Video above.

      • Do not turn camera vertical during recording. Keep it the same way - horizontally.

  • Once you tap  Facebook LIVE, you are LIVE,  do not turn your camera off until you finish recording exhibitor.

  • After you click Finish

    • Click SHARE to Shutdown Showdown #COW-VID19 Group

      • Look at group page for your post. Depending on your cell service it may take a few minutes to show up.

Jerri Lephiew / Lisa Lynn (870) 235-3720 

Zack Widdon (870) 904-4940  

Laurie Bragg (912) 690-3228

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