Arkansas Ouachita District

Shutdown Showdown #COW-VID19

Entry Deadline May 15, 2020

Deadline to Post Facebook Live May 22, 2020

For 4-H / FFA Cattle Exhibitors In The Following Counties: Bradley, Calhoun, Clark, Cleveland, Columbia, Dallas, Garland, Grant, Hempstead, Hot Spring, Howard, Lafayette, Little River, Miller, Montgomery, Nevada, Ouachita, Perry, Pike, Polk, Pulaski, Saline, Scott, Sevier, Union

Shutdown Showdown #COVID19

How Does It Work?

Showing cattle in your backyard. Proper show ring attire. Enter and pay for classes online. Have FUN!

Fees: $5 per head  |    100% Payback  |  4-H / FFA Member Arkansas Ouachita District  |   Under 19 Years Old

Before you Show and Record Your Cattle


1. We suggest your camera operator get a few tests runs by practice videoing several times.


2. You must have or register for a Facebook account to record live. Entry Deadline May 15, 2020


3. Click here Shutdown Showdown #COW-VID19 then click on "Join Group". Deadline to Post Facebook Live May 22, 2020

4. $5 per head entry fee - enter as many time as you like - must be paid at time of entry one week before back yard show.

5. Back yard Set-up:  Look at video demonstration.

How It Works Video

Shutdown Showdown #COVID19


Competition will be in your back yard. Watch camera operator distance to exhibitor  - record SIDE, FRONT, REAR, turn and walk, views. Turn cellphone / camera horizontally before going LIVE. Your video length will be close to one minute.


  • Make sure you have cell service or WiFi (you can use a hotspot from someone else's phone if that helps).

  • Top of the live feed needs to say Public.

  • To go live in a Facebook group:

    • From your News Feed, click Your Groups in the menu and select the group "Shutdown Showdown # COW-VID19" - you should be on Shutdown Showdown # COW-VID19 Group page

    • You should see your Facebook page "Write something..."

      • Enter: FFA /4-H name, Breed and Date of Birth for cattle, if bred how many months, Commercial Heifers and Steers will put hip height, Brahma Influenced OR  Non-Braham Influenced.

    • Click Live Video at the top of the group.

  • Before recording

    • Turn cellphone / camera horizontally as demonstrated in the Shutdown Showdown #COW-VID19 Demo Video above.

      • Do not turn camera vertical during recording. Keep it the same way - horizontally.

  • Once you tap  Facebook LIVE, you are LIVE,  do not turn your camera off until you finish recording exhibitor.

  • After you click Finish

    • Click SHARE to Shutdown Showdown #COW-VID19 Group

      • Look at group page for your post. Depending on your cell service it may take a few minutes to show up.

Shutdown Showdown #COVID19

Jerri Lephiew / Lisa Lynn (870) 235-3720 

Zack Widdon (870) 904-4940  

Laurie Bragg (912) 690-3228