• Sired by "CMR 5136 ADVANCE A722 ET {DLF,HYF,IEF}

  • Calved: Sept. 14, 2017

  • Birth weight: 110

BR A722 ADVANCE OZZIE 914E (P43839330)

  • 1. Payment: Cash, Check, or Paypal

    2. All Registered Hereford Bulls (virgin bulls) will have a Health Certificate with a Breeding Soundness Exam & Trich test. Plus, Vaccine & Dewormer records.

    • NOTE: At the time of purchase, appointment is made with Powell & Perry Veterinary Hospital in Hope, Arkansas. Vet will write on Powell & Perry letterhead breeding soundness results. Health Certificate has to have Trich test results. Trich test takes 5-7 days for results.  Then, Dr Powell will mail Health Certificate. 


    • After vet-check Registered Hereford bull is hauled to buyers pasture OR other arrangements have been made for pick-up or delivery.

    3. Breeding Guarantee: REFER to #2.

    4. Transportation: FREE Delivery 200 Miles. If location is more than 200 miles we will discuss with buyer any additional transportation cost.